Nastavitve piškotkov



Rotis was established in January 1991 and for two decades it has been the largest manufacturer of slewing rings, gearwheels, bolts, bushes and other machine parts in Slovenia. Its headquarters are located in the Trzin industrial zone, and its production facilities in Kočevje.

Since its establishment and until today, Rotis has been characterized by its aggressive and active approach to European and global markets as an acknowledged and high-quality manufacturer of slewing rings, gearwheels, and other machine parts. In Slovenia, it is recognized as a renowned supplier of semi-finished steel products, and different types of used and new machinery.

In one place, in one company, more activities are combined:

  • production of large axial slewing rings, and other machine parts with a diameter of up to 5,000mm,
  • sale of semi-finished metal products and
  • sale of machinery and various equipment as representatives of various global manufacturers of such equipment,
  • turning services, internal and external toothing, cutting with band saws,
  • induction hardening and drilling.



Rotis constantly monitors the development in the areas covered by its production and sales programme.

We continually strive to strengthen the reputation of individual recognized products both on the domestic and foreign markets so as to increase market shares in individual markets.

Our vision is to become one of the leading companies in the field of the production and sale of slewing rings, gearwheels, bolts, bushes and other machine parts, as well as welded constructions in the Balkan and in Europe.

This vision can now be more easily fulfilled as we have invested in the purchase of additional production capacities in Serbia, which allow us to increase the existing capacities. This has given us the opportunity to develop new programmes, such as welded constructions. 



Our mission is and will be the production and sales of various machine parts in Slovenia and abroad. Through our maintenance service of manufactured and sold products under warranty or without it, we warrant suitable operational performance according to appropriate standards.

These activities are the result of the past work, they define the essence of the business operations of Rotis and steer our development in the future with the basic purpose of meeting the standards and requirements of our clients and suppliers of products as well as business partners, in particular with high-quality products and within the agreed deadlines and price. 

The mission of all employees in the company is to create satisfied customers and business partners.



We are proud of our past achievements and motivated for the challenges to come. Adaptation to changes in the environment, the ability to detect and exploit market opportunities, continuous development, learning and training, customer satisfaction, knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit are our values which characterize our 20-year period of successful business operation. We are oriented towards the future, and new challenges and ideas, which provide an opportunity for further growth and development.

In Rotis, we promote education and the transfer of knowledge to our employees. The latter have a high level of expertise, a responsible attitude towards suppliers and clients, are able to adapt to the development of products and production technology as well as to changes in the environment.