Nastavitve piškotkov

Quality control

Because our goal is to have satisfied customers as well as to maintain or increase our market share, product quality is an important part of the production process and of the entire company.

Quality assurance starts at the management level and is embedded in the overall business operation, which is also confirmed by the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard, issued by Germanische Lloyd.


Quality assurance in the production process is carried out in more phases:

  • input control of reproduction material,
  • input control of semi-finished products,
  • intermediary controls in the production process (random control),
  • intermediary controls in the production process (planned in stages),
  • final control of products.
Control is carried out using the following methods:
  • visual and quantitative verification,
  • measurements,
  • non-destructive test methods:
  • control with penetrants,
  • control with magnetoflux,
  • ultrasonic control,
  • hardening depth measurement (type of ultrasonic control),
  • destructive test methods,
  • cutting of hardening samples and establishing the hardening image,
  • depth hardness measurement on the cut surface,
  • mechanical tests.

In the control procedure, general measurement devices are used, which are present in every production process, however, we also use specific measuring devices, such as a stick micrometre with a length of up to 4,300mm, a dedicated device from GE to measure the hardening depth as well as ultrasound and magnetoflux devices, to name only the most important ones. Furthermore, we also use a number of smaller devices, such as a roughness tester, paint thickness tester, hardness gauge, etc.