Nastavitve piškotkov



Below are gearwheels produced by ourselves and manufactured with the most modern technology:

  • gearwheels up to a diameter of 5,000mm and m = 50mm,
  • spur gears up to m = 50mm,
  • bevel gears up to a diameter of 800mm,
  • cyclo-palloid gears up to a diameter of 600mm,
  • claw clutches,
  • various forms of pinions. 

Examples of installation

They are suitable for installation in:

  • mining and construction machinery,
  • wind turbines and other power plants,
  • different production lines,
  • cement plants,
  • many other structures.

Gearwheels are manufactured exclusively from high-quality materials, supplied by renowned European manufacturers. Production is carried out on high-quality machines.

All the gearwheels are manufactured according to the basic standard and quality. However, we can also obtain other certificates, if required (e.g. Lloyd's certificate, DNV etc.).